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Hi there My name is Russell Winwood. In 2011 I as diagnosed with a severe lung disease which has reduced my lung capacity to just 30%. My disease kills over 3 million people a year globally, there is no cure and it is progressive. I had the choice of being consumed by my disease or to fight it. I decided to fight! Within 12 months of being diagnosed I completed my first Ironman event. Since then I have completed two more as well as the New York, London, Boston and Gold Coast marathons. Along the way raising thousands of dollars for research into lung disease. My disease has progressed to the stage where I need to use supplementary oxygen when doing intensive exercise. This year I have set myself my greatest challenge yet. In June I will be competing in Ironman Cairns, attempting to be the first person ever to do this race using supplementary oxygen. To help me conquer Ironman Cairns my son Curtis will be riding with me to help with my oxygen and battery requirements. It is my hope by competing in this event it will inspire more patients to be active so they too can improve their quality of life! Lung disease is an extremely underfunded, unexciting, very unpopular rather disgusting disease which suffocates you and there is no cure in sight. Research and programs which improve quality of life cost money, so please help me help others. I am trying to fundraise $50000 to help Lung Foundation Australia fund these projects. Please help me by making a donation through my page. It only takes a minute and any money you can give (no matter how large or small) will go a long way to helping me reach my target. For companies wishing to be a part of my race I have corporate packages which include speaking engagements. For Corporate package inquires please email - Thank you, I really appreciate your support. Russell.

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5 months ago

Week 5 of Ironman training and so far so good. It's important when you have chronic lung disease to build exercise capacity slowly to ensure not to overload the body.

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Robyn Lyndal White

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Generous donor matched the $3,643 already raised!

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Nice work by the Winwood boys

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Thanks heaps Craig, appreciate your support!

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Go Russ From the other Brisbane Barry’s

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Beyond impressive! Great work Russell.